Touchstone Energy - Co-op Web Builder

Touchstone Energy wanted to give their energy cooperatives the ability to easily create and maintain web sites. So we built "Co-op Web Builder" -- a custom web site building CMS (Content Management System) built in Drupal that offers easy-to-use features for novice and advanced users, such as:

Quote start Novices would not be intimidated -- it's very user-friendly. And if you hit a snag, you can call the Web Builder help center. They're unbelievably awesome with their customer service.  Quote end
- Bruce Aaron Davis
     Member Svcs Mgr
     Big Sandy RECC
  • unlimited number of pages and complete control of menu navigation and sub-menus
  • ability to add forms and designate email receiver distros
  • upload and resize images and documents
  • easily create links—including to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Full 7x24x365 access

The system was launched in November 2010 -- targeting to get 70 web sites live, but as of July 2013 there are over 330 cooperatives with a Co-op Web Builder account, and a whopping 186 total live web sites built using Co-op Web Builder! Elastic Interactive also managed customer service from 9am-7pm Mon-Fri for the first year of service.

Per the Phase 2 announcement from Touchstone Energy, functionality was added to allow cooperatives to add slideshows, multimedia, set dates to publish or unpublish a page, an alternate version of the home page in case of emergencies, and the ability to create user groups and password-protect parts or all of the site (for intranets, extranets, etc.). Next phases will include the ability to have mySQL databases, Javascript and PHP code. For more news on Co-op Web Builder:

Samples of live web sites:

Big Sandy RECC        Grand Canyon State Electric
Cooperative Association
   Big Sandy RECC    Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association